Saturday, October 3, 2009

It can be done, one woman at the time.

It is really unfortunate to read that "While in most countries the rates are going down, in Sudan due to the war in Darfur, it seems like it is actually spreading and being moved to tribes that never used to practice it."

"It has been forty-two years and my mother still hasn’t forgotten the day her parents decided to cut her, or perform Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) on her. She almost died giving birth to me because of a tradition that my grandmother was fearful to break."

But here is what Esraa Bani has to say: "Unlike many parents in northern Sudan, my mother (with the ultimate support of my father) decided to break this old sacred tradition. My mother refused to cut me and my sister. Her strength empowered her sisters to stop the tradition as well. This revolution started with ONE woman who said “enough is enough”, ONE family at a time, from ONE generation to the other."

And it is Esraa Bani who received a "Honorable Mention" during the "Half the Sky" competition.

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