Sunday, December 20, 2009

It's going to be extremely difficult

After reading this article, it is really difficult to stay positive and motivated. But the struggle MUST continue. Even if only one girl a year is saved from FGM, it's worth the battle. So, let's forget what's in the article and look towards the future and see what can be done to eradicate FGM.

"Hundreds of British schoolgirls are facing the terrifying prospect of female genital mutilation (FGM) over the Christmas holidays as experts warn the practice continues to flourish across the country. Parents typically take their daughters back to their country of origin for FGM during school holidays, but The Independent on Sunday has been told that "cutters" are being flown to the UK to carry out the mutilation at "parties" involving up to 20 girls to save money.

The police face growing criticism for failing to prosecute a single person for carrying out FGM in 25 years; new legislation from 2003 which prohibits taking a girl overseas for FGM has also failed to secure a conviction.

An estimated 70,000 women living in the UK have undergone FGM, and 20,000 girls remain at risk, according to Forward."

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