Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The cultural lenses used to dissect female circumcisions

I can't believe what I'm reading. Breasts can be made bigger or smaller but they are still there. Once when they are made bigger, the women can make them smaller. And vice versa. And ... this decision is made by an (supposedly) adult woman. I'm 200 % against FGM but if an adult woman decides to cut parts of her genitalia ... it's her body. In most cases of FGM, adults take decisions for someone else who at the time of the mutilation cannot decide about her own body.

"Therefore, many Nubian women are willingly circumcised because it is one of the many things that will result in delivering more intense pleasure to their men. The article makes the argument that the idea driving the desire for women to get circumcised is no different from women in the United States undergoing cosmetic surgery to become more desirable to their men? It is not uncommon for an American woman to enhance her breast size, get a face lift or tidy her love handles in an attempt to become more desirable."

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