Monday, January 11, 2010

Thesis - MUST READ

This is a thesis about FGM and with the title "A Case of the Sabiny in Kapchowra District, Uganda".
"This thesis indicates that perceptions held by those who are in favour of the practice are based on a number of motivating factors, tradition topping the list. There are various efforts that are being employed by the local community as well government to eliminate the tradition in Kapchorwa. As a result of these efforts, there has been a change in the community; however this does not yet mean that the tradition has been eliminated. "
"From my study, it can also be concluded that in the struggle to eliminate FGC, there is need for the three levels in society to work together. Understanding the justification for the continuation of the tradition, formulating initiatives with these justifications in mind, and involvement of the government are all prudent efforts for change. The one thing that can unite all the three levels is the law."

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