Friday, February 5, 2010

Education, education and more education is indeed needed.

"Why FGM is unnecessary
We are challenging the so-called traditional rulers and elders to examine FGM. And if they think it to be what will make their women not be promiscuous and their wives to be faithful, what about the counterpart- you as a man? How does it stabilize you as a wonderful husband? Your wife is not promiscuous, what about you? How does she think of you, and how happy is she about you?

Marriage is relational, and not only for men to enjoy. The bottom line is that FGM has nothing to do with whether a girl will be promiscuous or not because we’ve seen cases of girls who were circumcised, but yet are jumping from place to place. How do we then explain this? My hope is that with education, within a short time, FGM will die.’"

I too hope that FGM will die but I'm not so sure about the "short time" ....

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