Friday, March 26, 2010

Will the EU help end FGM?

"As a young girl in Guinea, Aissatou Diallo couldn’t save herself. She was 14 and six people were holding her down while a seventh cut her.

Somalian Ifrah Ahmed couldn’t even comprehend what was happening to her. She was only 8 years old and there were people holding her arms and legs. She had no anesthesia of any kind before or after, just raw agony and then the 40 days of isolation imposed on newly circumcised girls. Five years later, inexplicably, they did it to her again. "

Must read: Female Genital Mutilation: Right of Passage or Violation of Basic Human Rights?

Please read the first two chapters of this fantastic article and tell me that this is not mutilation or torture.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

How is this possible?

How can this happen in this day and age in the US?

""Troup County sheriff’s officials said the 35-year-old woman was charged with the act along with third-degree cruelty to children following the alleged surgical removal of the infant’s clitoris" according to a report in the LaGrange Daily News. "

Egypt is going in the right direction

It is in the right direction but there is still a lot of work to do.

"A survey by Ms Fouad’s programme found that Egyptian girls are 10 per cent less likely to be circumcised than girls of their parents’ generation. While that certainly counts as progress, it also means that reducing or eliminating genital mutliation will take decades more work, she said. “Female genital mutilation is a very, very old tradition. We have to be patient to see the results through the generations, not immediately,” Ms Fouad said. “This is my message to all activists against FGM: don’t give up. Don’t say I made many efforts and people don’t want us or people aren’t convinced.”"

Monday, March 15, 2010

Report on Zero Tolerance Day in Rotterdam

On February 06, I went to Rotterdam to assist at the Zero Tolerance Day related to FGM. You can read the report here (only in Dutch):

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

No protection guarantee

What is the problem? Why is it so difficult?

"The International Women's Day was marked Monday amid complaints that more than half of the 53 African states have failed to guarantee the protection of women against all forms of violence with millions still victims of conflicts."

The situation of women worldwide

To read this article a few days after the International Women's Day hurts.

"Women in rich countries are also vulnerable to pimps, rapists and wife-beaters. Dowry deaths, honour killings and female genital mutilation all happen in the UK. Girls are taken to Harley Street clinics by their Somali-born parents to be mutilated in the name of culture. Pakistani families send girls “home” to marry a cousin they have never met, often before puberty. Women born into Turkish families can be killed by their male relatives for daring to love an unsuitable man."

Friday, March 5, 2010

Fatwa against FGM in Mauritania

"In January, in the capital of Mauritania a group of thirty-four Muslim scholars and clerics came together to issue a fatwa against female genital mutilation. In a country where over 70% of girls under 15 undergo genital mutilation/cutting and the CIA factbook reports that 100% of the population is Muslim, the scholars declared partially or wholly excising a woman’s genitals to be an unhealthy practice and therefore against Islam."

"This fatwa is no magic bullet, and is not likely to immediately end female genital mutilation/cutting even within Mauritania. As Reuters warns, a fatwa is only binding to those who follow a particular imam, so the Mauritanian clerics’ decree is not universally binding to Muslims. "

Despite all this is it still a step in the right direction.