Thursday, July 22, 2010

As if FGM alone is not enough ...

I was flabbergasted when I was reading about this practice I never ever heard of. As if FGM is not enough, now the young girls have to undergo this (too).
What I do not understand is why it is always the girls that are the victims and have to undergo the mutilations. This practice too is mutilation and should be stopped. I understand the concerns of the mothers and I understand that they want to avoid child preganancy but as far as I know, to make a child, you need two people: a woman and a man. Avoiding (child) pregnancy can be done by using several techniques. It is really time that men start taking responsibility of their own acts and grow up.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

“The Day Kadi Lost Part of her Life"

"What follows is the Prologue for a book I received while in the UK for my training. The book is called “The Day Kadi Lost Part of her Life”. "

Pediatricians Finally Reject All Female Genital Mutilation

"The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has finally come to its senses. In a previous statement made in April, they went head to head with the 1996 federal law that bans all types of female “circumcision” – or what we more aptly call “female genital mutilation” (FGM). A previous statement suggested that pediatricians should consider “pricking” the clitoris as a way to meet cultural requirements and appease immigrants whose cultures demand that they undergo FGM as a way to help prevent having these girls transported back to Somalia, Ethiopia, or wherever else this practice is condoned. This “clitoral nick” would require a tiny cut in the skin over the clitoris, which the statement compared to getting ears pierced. Now, they have retracted their statement in favor of one that opposes all types of genital cutting in girls."

Uganda bans Female Genital Circumcision

"Anyone convicted of the practice, which involves cutting off a girl’s clitoris, will face 10 years in jail, or a life sentence if a victim dies.
The BBC’s Joshua Mmali in Uganda says it is not officially condoned but is still practised in several rural areas."

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Who are those people?

"Alarming research being conducted at Cornell University is creating quite a stir, and pretty damn understandably: pediatric urologist Dr. Dix Poppas has been cutting the genitals of infants and children, with parental consent, for having clitorises that are too large."

How can you do this to an infant with or wothout consent of the parent(s). It is an infant!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Female genital mutilation in Kurdish Iraq

"Recent studies, including an Iraqi human rights ministry survey conducted last year, show that up to 23% of Iraqi Kurdish girls under 13 have undergone female genital mutilation. However, the report also reveals the figure is sharply higher among girls aged 14 to 18 (45%), suggesting an apparent recent shift in attitudes."