Saturday, December 4, 2010

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Mutilated for life to be able to milk cows ...

Kind of strange that 20-year olds still allow this. On the other hand there is probably so much pressure from family and village members that they "have no other choice". Here again it is a matter of information, education, fear and ... money! And police vehicles ... .

"Most of the girls were barely in their early twenties but someone in the crowd said they were all married. “Girls here marry by their 15th birthdays,” he said."

"Women who usually do the cutting are complaining that FGM activists promised them compensation for income lost but up to now, nothing has been done.

“We shall continue cutting girls because this is where we get our income. They have also not sensitized us and we do not know what is in the law,” said Sunday Kokop, the surgeon in Suam-sub-county. According to the law, aggravated FGM gets life imprisonment."

"“I am happy I have become a woman by being circumcised. I will be able to do what other cut women do. I will now be able to climb into the granary or milk cows, which I was not allowed to do till now,” Alice Chemutai said."

"The Police chief said he had the names and location of the girls who were to be mutilated on December 2, but they did nothing due to lack of transport."

"But recently, when they arrested three girls in Binyinya, Kween district over FGM, court acquitted them because the girls refused to name the people who mutilated them. They told the magistrate that they mutilated themselves.

When the local surgeon, who had been arrested by police was paraded in court for identification, the girls said they did not know her. The case was dismissed."