Monday, May 28, 2012

Female circumcision trial in France

'When one of their younger daughters, age 7, was admitted to the hospital for heavy vaginal bleeding in 2009, hospital staff discovered both younger daughters had been circumcised. The parents again denied any knowledge of the procedure.'

Friday, May 25, 2012

'Good' reasons

It is hard to believe that 95% is mutilated despite all the "good reasons" mentioned in the article.

" ... Egyptian families still view circumcision as necessary to protect girls' chastity. Most girls are cut by the time they reach puberty."

""If a girl is not purified, she will just go hook up with men. This protects women's honour."

""No one can get married without it," said the girl."

"Egypt lives in peace and security because there is circumcision."  Euhh, what did I miss?

Liberia Journalist in Hiding After Writing Genital Mutilation Expose

'A Liberian journalist says she has been forced into hiding after lifting the lid on initiation rituals, including genital mutilation, by a secretive women’s society.'

Mutilating bodies: the Muslim Brotherhood’s gift to Egyptian women

'In Egypt the Muslim Brotherhood have offered to circumcise women for a nominal fee as part of their community services, a move that threatens to reverse decades of local struggle against the harmful practice argues Mariz Tadros'