Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Education is central to ending FGM

I'v' been reading articles, reports and the like for several years know and I agree 200%. It should be a crime to torture and mutilate a child and police and emrgency rooms should be educated and it should be punishable and a jail sentence should be enforced and, and, and. All the above is probably good for the short term.

But ... I think that the only (right) way to go (especially long term) is to inform and educate the people. ALL the people. Show/"prove" that mutilating girls only leads to pain and suffering. There is no advantage. Not a single one. 

"A practice that demeans, dehumanises and injures is not a tradition, it's a human rights violation. Headteachers can help stop this."

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

170.000 at risk - is this true?

And this is not worldwide and not on the black continent! This is in the so-called modern, civilised world. In the UK of all places.

“Our own research suggests that the number of women and girls living with FGM in the UK is more likely to be around 170,000 -almost three times the existing official figures – and that 65,000 girls aged 13 and under are at risk of mutilation.”